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Grow Your Own Green Chili Plant to Get Your Heat On This Summer

Green Chillies vary from mild to hot. What some people don’t know is that green chillies are actually red chillies that are picked before they turn red. You can decide how spicy you like your chillies and pick them according to your heat preference. Here’s how to grow your own green chillies to get your […]

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Rock Garden Ideas: How to Create the Perfect One for Your Yard

A rock garden can beautify your property.  By adding rocks to your landscape, you can also cut down on the amount of water that is needed to upkeep a garden.  I’m going to go over exactly what you’ll need to get a rock garden started.  You’ll learn what plants and flowers to use, where to […]

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6 Best Smelling Flowers to Keep the Outside of Your House Smelling Great

There are so many different kinds of flowers. There are big, small, colorful, or plain flowers. Unfortunately there are also flowers that don’t have the most pleasant smell. You wouldn’t want to plant flowers and find out later that they were making the outside of your house have a funky smell. This list will help […]

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