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Gardening as Therapy, Even for PTSD

via Paste Magazine Gardeners find their hobby addictive for diverse reasons, from a practical harvest to socializing with other gardeners in a community plot. We already know gardening can keep you fit. But could it be that gardening could keep your brain fit, alleviating severe mental disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder, more commonly known as […]

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Lawn Maintenance and Gardening Tips

Original content from Our experts weigh in with their best tips ever about how to get a healthy and beautiful lawn and garden. Getting a healthy and beautiful lawn and garden isn’t rocket science, but it does take time, patience and the right information. We asked our top lawn and garden experts for their best […]

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Landscaping with Lavender | 7 Garden Design Ideas

Via  Landscaping with lavender is easy and of low maintenance as this herb is available in so many colors and need not much care. It is also the most favorite plant of gardeners– for its color, fragrance, and versatility. Flower Bed Consider this beautiful combination of Californian poppies and lavender flanking across the walkway. Orange […]

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Gardening with Kids: How It Affects Your Child’s Brain, Body, and Soul

Via For parents struggling to find ways to encourage their kids to eat a healthy and balanced diet, gardening can be an important tool. Don’t let the idea overwhelm you. Gardening doesn’t require a perfectly level, large or sunny backyard. Try planting in a small raised bed or growing a few edibles in existing landscaping. […]

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You Bet Your Garden: The Radio Show for Everything Garden-Related

You Bet Your Garden is a national one-hour long radio show that airs in Philadelphia out of WHYY-FM weekly. The host, Mike McGrath, spends his time giving out gardening tips and vital pieces of advice to dedicated or beginner gardeners far and wide. As a result, novice or experienced gardeners alike can learn how to […]

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