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How to Make a Japanese Rock Garden in Your Backyard

Having started over 1500 years ago in the Heian period, the Japanese Rock Garden idea is simple – use sand and water features to simulate nature, make it small but highly spiritual, and surround it by a tiny wall. In a nutshell, create a Yin-Yang environment to develop your Chi energy. Then meditate and find […]

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Unique Ladder Trellis Ideas to Try Out

Creating a flower garden is one of the best ways you can showcase your creativity and personality. There are so many varieties of flowers available and just as many ways to display those flowers. Some flower displays are pretty common, such as planter boxes and flower pots. However, new and exciting trends are always popping […]

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10 ways to Make Your Backyard Garden Something to Be Proud Of

Gardening is not only about nurturing nature. It also means making your house look beautiful. Gardening also helps you to put your spare time to good use. Ever thought about having a small garden in the backyard of your house? Some of you may not agree. The reason will most probably be the lack of time. […]

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