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4 Cool Garden Playhouse Ideas: Find the Perfect One

All the little ones want one thing – for you to take them to the playground, where they can jump and play as they will. But what if you could build them their fantasy playground right at home, in your backyard? Here are four cool garden playhouse ideas your munchkins will absolutely adore. 4 Cool […]

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7 Japanese Tea Garden Ideas and Inspiration

If you’ve always been interested in the Japanese culture and customs, then you are probably already familiar with the famous Japanese gardens. People design these true oases of tranquility and meditation to disconnect us from our daily stress and inflict a state of balance and contemplation. The designers aim to recreate idealized landscapes in a miniature […]

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10 Garden Seating Area Ideas for a Studio-Like Appearance

Do you have a lot of space in your garden and would like to create an entire studio-like area that is both functional and looks amazing? These types of garden seating areas that look like an entire room are getting more and more popular nowadays, and with good reason. Who wouldn’t want the possibility of […]

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You Bet Your Garden: The Radio Show for Everything Garden-Related

You Bet Your Garden is a national one-hour long radio show that airs in Philadelphia out of WHYY-FM weekly. The host, Mike McGrath, spends his time giving out gardening tips and vital pieces of advice to dedicated or beginner gardeners far and wide. As a result, novice or experienced gardeners alike can learn how to […]

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