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Best of the Week – Gardening Tips and Ideas

Best of the Week

What is the best of the week? This a weekly article that we publish that highlights what we think are the best reads of the week. These posts may cover gardening tips, inspiring ideas, or gardening related news. Please check out the articles we feature and if you have any suggestions for the next edition, feel free to contact us. 

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Epic Gardening - Hot Peppers

This is a great article that covers the best hot peppers for your garden for the 2017 season. 8 different peppers are covered from the Buena Mulata to the Tasmanian Black. If you want to find out which peppers to grow then this is the post for you. A "How-To" section is also include so you can make sure your peppers are as successful as possible. Here is a snippet of their article. 

"This is NOT a hot pepper for the faint at heart. In fact, you need to be very careful when handling this little guy. It is one of the hottest peppers in the world so think wisely before growing this one!"

Head over to Epic Gardening and take a look for yourself to see what pepper they are talking about. We hope you enjoy!

Gardening Know How - Strawberries

This articles covers everything you need to know to grow strawberries in your garden this year. They give you plenty of tips on what to do before and after you fertilize as well as how to fertilize. They go over multiple different fertilizers as well. We thought it had some great information, but strawberries have always been a personal favorite of ours. Here's a piece of their post.

"Knowing when and how to fertilize strawberry plants will ensure a bountiful harvest, but along with strawberry plant feeding, there are a few other tasks to do to ensure healthy plants that will provide the biggest yields."

Head over to Gardening Know How to find out what you need to do to have a successful and delicious strawberry harvest.

Gardening Easily - Best Composters

Many of us want to start composting but we don't know where to start. This article is a great source to help you decide which composter is right for you. They go over their top 3 picks for the 2017 season. Both worm tray bins and tumble bins are reviewed. Look at what they have to say.

"It is smaller compared to your common composters but comprises for this with its twin compost chambers. This protects your time and ensures you also have compost at hand. Easy to assembled and good sturdy quality makes this an amazing composer at a wonderful value."

Go to Gardening Easily if you want to see which one they are talking about. 


Please let us know if you enjoyed the articles that we feature, and let us know what your favorites from this week! Look for this article again next week.

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