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6 Incredible Benefits of Letting Your Kids Grow up with a Dog

Dogs are man’s best friend for a good reason. They’re furry, cute, and very lovable! Although dogs can be a lot of work, there are many benefits that children might see if they own one. It’s also more than likely your children and your dog with develop a special bond with each other. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s a certainty. Each dog and each child are different, so each circumstance will not be the same. However, there have been some incredible benefits of letting your kids grow up with a dog. Here are just some of those benefits. 

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Benefits of Letting Your Kids Grow Up with a Dog

Dogs Teach Children Responsibility

Don’t take care of the dog all by yourself, have your children help you. Children can help feed, water, and give walks to dogs. Even small toddlers can help take care of their dogs. My little girl loves putting food in bowls for her dogs and they wait patiently as she gives it to them. If your child is old enough, let them walk your dog and make sure the dog gets enough exercise. This will be beneficial to both the dog and your children. They will both be getting outside for some fresh air and exercise. 

Dogs Help Reduce Stress

Yes, having a puppy can be stressful. There are bound to be chewed up shoes, lots of dog hair, and potty accidents. However, it’s also been shown that snuggling with your furry friend can help reduce stress after a long, hard day. Dogs are warm and always loving so they help relieve some of the anxiety that children might feel. Just petting a dog has been shown to relieve stress.

Dogs Teach Nurturing Skills

Most girls are naturally nurturing and that’s great! It’s a little harder for boys to nurture. Dogs help teach children, and especially boys that it’s ok to be nurturing. It’s alright to show affection and love towards something you love. Boys are often discouraged from showing their true feelings, but having a dog helps them to open up and feel ok with being sensitive. 

letting your kids grow up with a dog, baby, dog, benefits, puppy

Dogs Reduce Selfishness

Having a dog will help reduce any selfishness that children have. Children tend to believe that the entire world revolves around them and their needs. Taking care of a dog helps them to realize that there is a living creature that is depending on them to take care of its needs. Their dog will rely on them to feed them, give them water, and to take them out when they need to go to the bathroom. This will help children consider someone else’s feelings as well as their own. 

Dogs Help Children Feel Safe

Whether you have a big or little dog, they’ll help your children feel just a little safer. Dogs have an excellent sense of hearing and smell, this helps a dog know if there is any danger around. When children realize this, they like having their dog around when they feel scared. Some children like when their dog sleeps with them because it makes them feel like they have a protector all night long. 

Dogs Give Unconditional Love

Dogs love completely and deeply. Their love isn’t contingent on anything, they will simply love you forever. It’s nice for children to know that whatever happens at school, they can always go home to their loving dog that’ll greet them with a wagging tail. Of course, they should know that their parents love them unconditionally too. Dogs just have a way of making everyone feel better. Your child’s dog won’t care about popularity, looks, or wealth. They will simply love your child because your child loves it. 

Summing Up

Letting your kids grow up with a dog has many more benefits than the ones that have been listed. Having a dog can be hard because they can drive you to your wits end, then make your heart melt. You always think of the awesome things that you can teach your dog, but you never think of what your dog can teach you. Letting your kids grow up with a dog might teach them the most valuable lesson in life: to love unconditionally. 

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