after Christmas cleaning, organize, declutter

After Christmas Cleaning Tips: Start Your New Year Organized

Christmas is over and that can be a little sad. It can also be a little overwhelming. There are tons of boxes everywhere, wrapping paper is overflowing out of the trash can, and gifts are crowding your house without a proper space to put them. After Christmas cleaning is a good way to get rid of the old and bring in the new as the year ends. Here are some after Christmas cleaning tips that can get your New Year started out right.

After Christmas Cleaning Tips

Get Rid of the Old to Make Way for the New

Chances are that your kids got some new toys or clothes for Christmas. The problem is that every year they get something new and their rooms and drawers just become more and more packed. Try following a “get one, toss two” rule. That means that you donate or throw away two things for every new thing that you have been given. For example, maybe one of your kids got some new pajamas for Christmas. Have them go through their pajamas and get rid of two sets that they’ve outgrown or don’t wear anymore. They can donate them, or throw them away if they’re in really bad shape. This makes after Christmas cleaning easy because you are already putting new things away, you might as well take out old things. 

after Christmas cleaning, organize, declutter

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Take the Mailing Box Challenge

I bet you have a lot of mailboxes at your house. It’s good to recycle all those boxes, but it’s also good to take the mailing box challenge. Try to fill each box that you have with items that can be donated. You’ll get rid of the boxes and you’ll be getting rid of things that you don’t have any need for any more. This is a great after Christmas cleaning tip because it helps you get rid of more clutter and things that you don’t use. It’s also great because chances are that someone else will really like the things you give away. 

Consider a Toy Library

A toy library isn’t an actual place that you can go, although that would be a great idea! It’s a way to store toys. If your children still frequently play with their old toys and don’t want to give them away, this is a good option. Collect all of the old toys and put them in storage in the attic or the basement. This will make room for the new toys to be played with. Then you’ll be able to pull out the old toys in a couple of months and your children will have more excitement about playing with them because they haven’t in a long time. When your children check out toys from the toy library (storage) have them return another toy to the toy library to keep clutter and disorganization at a minimum. This after Christmas cleaning tip will give excitement back to old toys too! 

Summing Up

After Christmas cleaning can be a little overwhelming especially if you feel like you don’t have enough room for everything. These simple organization tips can help create more space at your house. Donating things that you don’t use anymore is a great idea because other people will probably love using it! Try these after Christmas cleaning tips to bring you into a New Year with a clean and organized house. 

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