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3 Easy Ways to Cut Watermelon for a Delicious Summer Treat

Watermelon is a classic summer fruit. You can’t go to a family gathering in the summer without having one. They’re refreshing and really tasty. Watermelons can be a bit cumbersome to slice since they’re so big. Some people just start hacking away, hoping that they’ll get some decent slices. Whether you grow your own watermelon, or you buy them at the store, you'll want to start eating a whole lot of it. It’s not hard to cut watermelon and everyone should know how to do it properly. Here are a couple easy ways to cut watermelon. 

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Cut Watermelon into Slices

Cutting slices is a simple way to cut watermelon. Simply cut the watermelon in half, then cut both halves in half again, and so on and so forth. This will give you a bunch of slices that people can grab by the rind and eat off of. This way is a little messier and watermelon juice usually gets everywhere. Kids like getting messy so this might be their favorite way to eat watermelon. Everyone will be sporting a red smile on their cheeks, like little kids that have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That’s part of the Summer fun!

cut watermelon

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Cut Watermelon off the Rind

Fruit salads are also a great summer treat. You don’t want any rinds in a fruit salad so you need to cut the rind completely off, and have the watermelon be in bite size pieces. First, cut the watermelon into slices, like mentioned above. Then make vertical cuts in a slice of watermelon, cutting towards the rind. Now cut along the rind horizontally. The watermelon pieces will fall right off into bite size pieces that are ready for anything. Eat them plain, put them in a salad, or make a delicious fruit dip. Or try a watermelon treat that is totally new! This way is a little more messy because there is more cutting, but it’s less messy to eat. Choose your battle.

Cut Watermelon into No Mess Cubes

Cut the watermelon in half lengthwise and put the watermelon half face down on a cutting board. The rind will be facing up. Start cutting the watermelon into long strips, make sure you keep all the slices together. Then start cutting the watermelon the other way, this will create cubes. You’re done! People can simply come over and grab a cube by the rind, and pull it out. There will be a perfect bite size piece connected to the rind. This is no mess because it’s a bite size piece that won’t make juice go all over the place. It also allows people’s hands to be a bit cleaner because they have that small piece of rind to hold onto.

Summing Up

Who knew that it was so easy to cut watermelon? There are lots of different ways to enjoy this delicious fruit, and these are just a couple of them. Don’t hesitate to buy watermelon now that you know the easiest ways to cut them. Everyone at your family gathering will be able to enjoy a fresh watermelon, whether it’s in a fruit salad or just sliced. Hurry and buy a bunch of watermelon next time you’re at the store, summer is almost over!

Image Source: Pixabay

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